Triodos finally launch ethical UK current account!

April 26, 2017

After years of waiting, Triodos Bank are today accepting registrations for a new sustainable and ethical UK current account. For 22 years UK savers have counted on Triodos for investments in socially and environmentally responsible projects and businesses, and were recognised as the #1 ethical bank in the UK in our Scorecard […]

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Guest blog: Lloyds’ ‘micro branches’ will only deepen the damage caused by branch closures

April 7, 2017

By Simon Chandler, News Editor of, a consumer information site covering personal finance and technology services. Lloyds Banks have seen the future of personal banking, and that future is “micro.” At least, this appears to be the gist of their recent announcement that they’ll be downsizing “hundreds” of their […]

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Co-op sale signals desperate times at the Bank

February 14, 2017

In the latest blow to the UK’s pre-eminent and poster-child “ethical” bank, The Co-operative Bank yesterday put itself up for sale in a move that is widely being interpreted as approaching endgame in a death spiral. Executives insist that this is simply a capital raising exercise, and that the bank is on its way to […]

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Guest blog – Leaving behind the carbon age

August 1, 2016

Ethical Consumer co-editor Tim Hunt says leave behind the carbon age and become a pioneer in the fast developing post carbon economy. We’re seeing a shift. It isn’t yet seismic, but there is movement. A movement and it’s quickly gathering momentum. That is to say that the carbon divestment movement, […]

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Open Letter to Ross McEwan

July 15, 2016

In light of our new report, Abandoned Communities, and the precipitous crash of RBS’ share price, this week we wrote to Ross McEwan to once again push the case for an RBS run in the public interest. Here is the text we sent in full: Dear Ross McEwan, Back in […]

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Abandoned Communities: The crisis of UK bank branch closures

June 30, 2016

After a year of campaigning on bank branch closures, Move Your Money today launches our new research report that reveals for the first time the devastating impact of branch closures to local economies and communities throughout the UK. The launch coincides with a parliamentary debate on branch closures, with the […]

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Branch closures “kill off” SME lending, new MYM research finds

Read our new research report on branch closures and their impact on local communities here SME lending growth reduces by 63% in postcodes that lose a bank branch, new research report by Move Your Money finds Postcodes that lose their “last bank in town” suffer a 104% drop in SME lending […]

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Guest blog: The Ditch Coal Speaking Tour – The realities of coal mining in Russia

May 24, 2016

Yesterday, Move Your Money met with Vladimir Slivyak, a coal campaigner from Ecodefense in Russia, to discuss how we can organise transnationally against coal, the companies which mine it, the banks which finance it, and the governments which promote it. He’s touring the UK over the next two weeks, so […]

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New faces, same problems – RBS AGM 2016

May 5, 2016

Filing into the cavernous, purpose-built Gogarburn centre just outside of Edinburgh, it’s hard not to marvel at the arrogance of the RBS bank and its top management in the years that led to the crisis. The bank proved horrendously overexposed when the crisis hit, yet Fred “The Shred” Goodwin and […]

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RBS AGM 2016 – Our questions asked

May 4, 2016

On May 4th 2016, Move Your Money attended the RBS AGM, via proxy shares kindly facilitated by ShareAction. Here’s the questions that we asked the board in full: Fionn Travers-Smith, Campaign Manager of Move Your Money asked a question on branch closures destroying local communities: “I was at the RBS AGM […]

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HSBC: Confused about coal, dismissive of human rights, indignant about regulatory blackmail

April 22, 2016

Today, Move Your Money crashed HSBC’s AGM. For many shareholders, these meetings are an annual excuse for shareholders to grab a free lunch (no judgement here), but they also offer a unique opportunity for shareholders and campaigners alike to grill the Board over scandals, policy, and future direction. This year […]

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#HSBCAGM Meme Party!

April 21, 2016

Grab our memes and Tweet or Facebook your reaction to this morning’s Press Release in advance of the #HSBCAGM!

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PRESS RELEASE: Stuart Gulliver ‘has blood on his hands’ as HSBC AGM shines light on human rights abuses

HSBC has provided $5.4 billion financing for coal since 2010 This includes $232.5m for Drummond, the major mining company implicated in grave human rights violations in Colombia, including 3,100 murders and 55,000 displacements New campaign sees 300 write to HSBC CEO Stuart Gulliver to demand the bank quits coal Campaigners, […]

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How campaigners used HSBC’s AGM to clamp down on the Carmichael carbon bomb

April 20, 2016

This month, the Queensland government approved leases for the Carmichael mine in Australia’s Galilee Basin. This mine, which Indian multinational Adani are desperate to develop, is an essential battleground in the fight for climate justice because it represents a test case for the entire Galilee Basin. It is also one […]

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RBS bank a wolf in sheep’s clothing on renewables

April 19, 2016

Campaigners celebrated a momentous announcement yesterday, when RBS revealed that it has ditched a whopping 70% of its fossil fuel investments in the last year alone, whilst doubling funding for renewable energy, to £1 billion. RBS claims that this makes it ‘the largest lender to the UK renewable energy sector’. […]

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