Guest blog – What can we learn from the RBS polling?

November 10, 2015

Last week Move Your Money released polling data that shows widespread public opposition to the sale of RBS back to the private sector, and a strong degree of support for other options to be considered.  In this guest blog Olivia Ryan, Research Executive at Ipsos MORI, analyses our findings in […]

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Public overwhelmingly opposed to RBS sale, new research shows

November 5, 2015

MPs debate the future of RBS in Parliament today Open letter published today calls for a review on government policy, signed by academics, NGOs and politicians from across the spectrum New research reveals 3 out of 4 people with an opinion oppose the sale of RBS 82% of Brits agree that […]

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Breakthrough for MYM as MPs debate RBS future!

October 30, 2015

Shocking new analysis revealed by Move Your Money today reveals the true extent that RBS is abandoning our communities and acting against the public interest. The bank has crushed businesses for its own profit, crashed the economy causing the cuts, and now is abandoning the very communities that saved it, […]

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Taxpayer-owned RBS the worst bank for branch closures

  Taxpayer-owned RBS responsible for 1 in 3 UK branch closures between 2014-2015 More than half (55%) of last bank in town closures are of RBS & NatWest branches RBS & NatWest “abandoning communities” and “creating credit deserts” The Royal Bank of Scotland, which includes NatWest, is the worst UK […]

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CMA recommendations won’t affect real competition

October 22, 2015

The Competition and Markets Authority today released its preliminary findings on competition in the retail banking market, which serves individuals and small and medium sized enterprises. The main recommendations from the investigation are that the banks do more to encourage consumers to switch, such as making it easier to compare […]

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Government responds to our RBS petition!

October 15, 2015

Back in July Move Your Money launched a petition to end the RBS firesale, in partnership with Sum Of Us and the New Economics Foundation. The petition clearly struck a nerve, with more than 119,000 of you signing – a fantastic achievement, and a real demonstration of the continued public […]

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Guest blog: 10 reasons to Follow the Money saved with an ethical bank

October 12, 2015

Isabelle de Grave of Charity Bank explains their new Follow the Money programme, which helps savers see what their money is used for, and how the banking system can be better In support of Good Money Week, in October, Charity Bank is hosting a two-week Follow the Money programme. From 19th to […]

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Clouds gather as storm of branch closures picks up pace

September 21, 2015

It was a late summer’s day in South Wales but although the sun shone outside, a storm was brewing inside the Town Hall of Llantwit Major. “It’s discrimination against our generation,” said one elderly gentleman in the front row. “They never consider older people like me,” opined another. Another town, […]

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In the age of digitalisation, do we really need branches anymore?

September 16, 2015

Change in the culture of big banks that dominate the UK market has been slow to non-existent since the financial crisis, with mis-selling, criminal behaviour and ballooning debt – both public and private – near pre-crisis levels. Even the limited regulatory reforms enacted since 2008 have been so weak, or watered […]

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A tale of two traders

August 5, 2015

Like London buses, stories in the banking industry can often be nowhere on the horizon – until two suddenly arrive at once. That was certainly the case this week, when the City – and indeed, the rest of the country – was rocked by a tale of two traders. First […]

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Our response to the RBS share sale

August 3, 2015

  RBS share sale robs public of its dues The Chancellor’s long-expected sell off of the public shareholding of RBS shares began this week, with institutional investors offered up to £2.5 billion worth of shares overnight after markets closed on Monday. Responding to the news, Fionn Travers-Smith, Spokesman for Move Your Money, […]

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Priorities painfully clear as government capitulates to HSBC

July 14, 2015

George Osborne released the first Conservative government budget in two decades last week, with a rise in the minimum wage to a so-called “National Living Wage” receiving particular fanfair – despite not being enough to be an actual living wage. The National Living Wage Foundation’s calculations are that a national […]

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Barclays’ ruthless pursuit of profit leaves no room for Jenkins’ values

July 8, 2015

Anthony Jenkins was sacked as Chief Executive of Barclays this morning, in a surprise move that sees the bank attempt to boost its profits. Having presided over the banks well-publicised “purpose and values” rebrand, Jenkins’ sacking saw the bank’s shares rise by 3%, suggesting the market expected a more hawkish […]

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Rip-off RBS “LOBO” loans impoverishing local councils

July 6, 2015

Our response to the Dispatches LOBO loan revelations British banks advanced more than £2 billion in high-cost, potentially illegal LOBO loans to Local Authorities Taxpayer-owned RBS the “worst offender”, with £545.5 million in LOBO loans costing taxpayers up to twice as much as standard infrastructure loans More than £1.5 billion owed […]

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RBS AGM 2015 – A roasting for responsibility

June 24, 2015

Ahead of his seventh and final AGM as Chairman of bailed-out bank RBS, Sir Philip Hampton told the Financial Times that he was expecting a roasting from shareholders. He wasn’t disappointed. Having chaired the bank during its Libor rigging, ForEx manipulation, PPI mis-selling, and profiteering from the destruction of small […]

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