First 1000 sign up as Move Your Money turns heat up on fossil fuel funders

November 24, 2014

Move Your Money launched Divest! in October – our new campaign that highlights the role of the big 5 UK banks in funding fossil fuel extraction and driving climate change. We’ve had a fantastic response so far, with The Independent calling the campaign “a major development in the rapidly growing […]

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Our reaction to Barclays – Take the lead on the challenge of climate change

November 18, 2014

Dear David Wheldon, Thank you for your response regarding public demand for divestment from fossil fuels. Barclays is the second UK bank to respond (after Lloyds), and we appreciate your commitment to advancing sustainability in the UK and beyond. Recognising that “the move towards a low carbon economy is a […]

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Barclays responds to our Divest! campaign

After receiving a response from Lloyds last week, Barclays is the latest big-name bank to address your concerns surrounding their involvement in fossil fuels. Here’s what David Wheldon, Managing Director of Brand, Reputation, Citizenship, and Marketing, had to say on Barclays behalf: “Thank you for your email regarding Barclays’ and […]

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‘ForEx fines show why trust in banks is so low’ – Our response to big bank FX fines

November 12, 2014

Responding to the news that HSBC and RBS were among five banks fined £2 billion for rigging foreign exchange rates, Charlotte Webster, Campaign Director of Move Your Money, said: “These latest fines show just how far there is to go to clean out the British banking system. Sadly, it’s not […]

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Our response to Lloyds – Lead by example

November 7, 2014

Dear Paul Turner, Thank you for your response regarding public demand for divestment from fossil fuels. As the first UK bank to publicly recognise this demand, the Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) should be commended for engaging with its customers and with society at large on this pressing social, environmental, and […]

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Lloyds responds to our Divest! campaign

Last month Move Your Money launched Divest! – our new campaign highlighting the role that the big 5 UK banks play in financing fossil fuel extraction and driving climate change. In the face of clear and demonstrable public demand for a transition away from fossil fuels, we’ve created a tool […]

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Join the Move Your Money board!

November 3, 2014

Move Your Money (MYM) is a citizen-led response to the bad behaviour of our big banks and part of the movement for a banking sector that works for society, not just itself. Established in January 2012, we are a young and dynamic campaigning organisation – always looking for new campaign […]

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FAQs – Your questions answered on the Divest! campaign

October 21, 2014

Since we launched the Divest! campaign and report on Monday we’ve had a ton of great feedback and positive responses. Thanks so much for taking part! Don’t forget to put your bank on notice, and then share our campaign with your friends, family and networks when you have. We’ve had a few […]

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New divestment campaign hits big 5 banks

October 20, 2014

New Divestment Campaign hits Big Five Banks -Survey finds 39% of Brits concerned by money in fossil fuels. That’s more than the daily users of Facebook in the UK [1] – 36%, more than 1 in 3, want banks to divest from fossil fuels [2] – Move Your Money launches […]

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Divest! – For an equitable and sustainable future

October 17, 2014

Today we call on the big 5 banks to stop funding fossil fuels and climate change. Britain’s biggest banks have issued over £66 billion in corporate loans, equities and bonds into coal, tar sands, fracking, oil and gas extraction. Yet despite this massive investment, its clear that many of you aren’t happy […]

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