Across the UK, NatWest and RBS are closing branches and abandoning communities that rely on them.

This cuts people off from face to face banking, and starves businesses and towns of both cash and credit. We paid £45 billion to bail out these banks in 2008, and now this is how they are repaying us.

Yet whether you’re directly hit by branch closures or not, we all have a stake in the banks acting in our interests.

We own NatWest & RBS, so they should work for us.

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Fight a branch closure

One in three branch closures are by a publicly owned bank, yet NatWest & RBS are refusing to say where these closures are happening.

Help us map these closures by reporting a branch closure, and start a campaign to save your local bank.

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Even if you’re not directly affected by a branch closure, we all have a stake in making NatWest & RBS work in our interests.

Help us force the government to make the banks work for us, by lobbying your local representatives.

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We own NatWest & RBS,
so they should work for us.

We could use our majority ownership of NatWest & RBS to make the banks keep branches open, to invest in businesses and regions across the UK, and to make the financial system safer and less likely to crash again.

Instead, the government is more interested in flogging off the public shares in RBS at a massive £14 billion loss, allowing these banks to close branches, abandon communities, and crush small businesses for their own profit - the exact opposite of what we need from our banking system.

You can help change this though, by demanding our dues from the banks we already own, and by forcing the government to act.

Help us map NatWest & RBS branch closures so that we can fight each one every step of the way, by reporting your local branch closure using our UK mapping tool. And if you’re not directly affected by a branch closure, help us pressure the government to act by lobbying your representatives using Move Your Money’s campaigning kit.

Together we are building a movement to make the banks that we already own work in our interests.

Together we are building the Royal Bank of Our Own.

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