Case Study: Getting great service… with a smile! The joy of joining a Credit Union

December 19, 2014

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If you’ve been thinking about moving your money to an institution that shares your values, perhaps it’s time to consider your local Credit Union. Credit Unions offer banking services to their members based on a common bond. Usually the common bond will mean living in the same community. Unlike banks, they are run by and for their members – so there’s not a greedy shareholder in sight!

Gavin Dudley tells us about why he loves being a member of London Capital Credit Union. A place where you can expect a great service. One in which the needs of members truly takes precedence.

“The most amazing service I cannot praise enough was 10 days before Christmas 2013 when my debit card was cloned and all my wages received the day before, were stolen. Distraught at the thought of not being able to survive, I made a call to the Union and was amazed, given the huge amount of applications they must have had, that they were able to arrange my loan within 24 hours. It was in my account the very next day.”

Most credit unions specialise in savings and loans. When borrowing you can be confident of some of the most competitive rates around. Credit Unions can also help you manage your money better. That way you can really make the most of it – no more getting bogged down in excessive fees and charges.

“As the sole breadwinner in our household, holidays were rare until I joined the Credit Union. Saving was also impossible. Since joining, we have not only had several holidays, but I have been able to save more than I ever have before.”

Credit unions are often lauded as being a fantastic alternative to payday lenders, and rightly so. But their value in fact stretches far further than that. Both in terms of personal banking service and wider community impact.

The great service so frequently reported is usually down to the admirable work ethic of credit union employees. These people are not bankers working for bonuses. They are individuals who see for themselves the huge benefits that Credit Unions bring. It is this that motivates them to do such a great job.

“A heartfelt thanks to all the boys and girls who work tirelessly at Caxton House with very little praise. Thank you.”

If it sounds better than the customer service you’re used to with a bank, that’s probably because it is. But of course with a credit union you are not a customer at all – you are a member! That means you are a part of the community itself and you have a say in how the Union is run.

Beyond the great personal service, banking with a credit union also means you are actively supporting your local community through your deposits. No more will your bank be able to invest your money in fossil fuels. Instead, you are actively supporting the building blocks that create a strong and sustainable community. Switching to a Credit Union is therefore a simple and joyful way of allowing your local area to shine.

And don’t forget, with 21 (and counting!) Credit Unions also offering a current account service, the time has never been better to become a member!

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