Divest! – For an equitable and sustainable future

October 17, 2014

Today we call on the big 5 banks to stop funding fossil fuels and climate change. Britain’s biggest banks have issued over £66 billion in corporate loans, equities and bonds into coal, tar sands, fracking, oil and gas extraction.

Yet despite this massive investment, its clear that many of you aren’t happy with banks investing your money in these socially and environmentally destructive industries. In the recent Great British Money survey, 39% of Brits said they would be unhappy if their money was being used to find climate change, and more than 1 in 3 said they wanted their bank to divest from fossil fuels.

Our campaign helps you take back control of what your money is being used for, by putting you straight in touch with your bank to issue an ultimatum: either they move your money out of fossil fuels, or you’ll take your money elsewhere.

Fossil fuel investment has never been environmentally acceptable. It is now no longer socially acceptable. It is fast becoming economically unacceptable too. Yet despite this, your everyday savings, investments, and even your current accounts are ultimately being used by the big 5 banks to fund climate change.

Take back control of your money, by telling your bank to clean up its act, or you will walk. Click here to put your bank on notice.

We are challenging the banks to disclose their fossil fuel investments, and to commit to a 5-10 year plan to divest from fossil fuels. If they do not commit by February 2015, then you will move your money to a place that takes its environmental, social,  and financial responsibilities seriously.

The great thing is, there are now more options than ever if you are looking for a safe, ethical and profitable place to put your money. As part of Good Money Week, we’re proud to highlight the best places where your money can make a positive impact on the world around us, whilst still earning a fair return.

Our website relaunch includes brand new pages on Good Money, which details where you can move your money to. Whether its a traditionally run institution, or a new way to make positive investments in social and environmental change, you’ll find it detailed here.

By putting your bank on notice and pledging to move your money out of fossil fuels, you’re joining a growing movement of divestors who are taking a stand against fossil fuels and climate crisis. Together we can transition to renewable energy, and create an equitable and sustainable future. Thanks for being part of the solution.

Put your bank on notice and spread the word – either the banks divest or you will!

Britain’s Big Five Banks and their links to fossil fuels:

Assets in oil, gas and coal extraction, in £ million

Corporate loans  |

Equities            |

Corporate bonds  |

Sum                  |

HSBC Holdings









Royal Bank of Scotland





Lloyds Banking Group





Santander Group*




Total across the Big 5


*excluding corporate bonds due to lack of available data

From Figure 15 of “The Price of Doing Too Little Too Late: The impact of the carbon bubble on the EU financial system” A report prepared for the Greens/EFA Group – European Parliament February 2014

The loans are to oil, gas and coal mining companies worldwide that were still (partially) outstanding as of 31 December 2012. They are calculated depending on the total years to maturity.

For shares and bonds, “available data on the composition of trading portfolios are insufficient to track exposures to specific companies. Instead, the exposure to high-carbon companies in leading stock and bond indices is used.” Shares: BlackRock’s iShares MSCI World UCITS as of December 2012 (9.4%). Bonds: PIMCO Global Advantage Bond Index (15.3%).

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