Countdown to the Global Divestment Day party!

February 5, 2015



Just over 1 week to go!

With Global Divestment Day only 9 days away, here’s our countdown on how you can join the awesome MYM Divestment party where we’re all moving our money… 

While the big banks pop the champagne corks and slap each others’ backs on profits they’ve made investing our money in fossil fuels, we’re planning our own round of parties – divestment parties in the very banks that crashed our economy, treat us badly, and invest in climate chaos! It’s time to ditch that grammar phone and change the music, ’cause this party is just getting started!

On Global Divestment Day join thousands of others around the world moving their money out of climate destroying banks, and into ones that care for our future. It’s time to join the divestment party!

Like with any party, you need to be prepared. In the run up to the Global Divestment Day we’ll be helping you every step of the way, from choosing your threads to clearing out before the clean-up begins:


1. It’s time to change! Which outfit suits you best?

Take the very first step – choose your new Fossil-Fuel-Free good money provider, with our guide Where to Move Your Money for the GDD.

Here’s a reminder why – if you bank with Lloyds, HSBC, Barclays, RBS, or Santander (or any of their subsidiaries like NatWest or Halifax), it’s your money they’re using to fund climate chaos. So pledge to leave your bank now, then choose your new provider.

2. Move your money, then tell your old bank the party’s over.

Use the Current Account Switching Service and ask your new bank to switch you over on Global Divestment Day. Let’s make it a movement! Simply go down to your local branch of your new bank and tell them you want to switch, taking ID and two proofs of address. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes – simple!

Then email your old bank using our template letter, linked here, telling them why their fossil fuel party stinks – and don’t forget to CC!

3. Invite your friends!

Every party is better with a crowd, so invite your mates and get them involved! After all, those group selfies aren’t gonna take themselves are they?!

Encourage 10 friends to divest themselves with Move Your Money, and to join our parties in London, Bristol, Nottingham and Norwich. Get your dancing shoes on and bring your bessies – this one’s open invite!


4. Strike a pose!

If you can’t make one of the bank parties in person, you can still get involved by divesting yourself and sending us a snap on Twitter or Facebook to celebrate your divestment – after all, the most lasting party memories are usually those caught on camera!

Simply send us a picture of you throwing away your old card, of you outside your new branch, or alternatively you can share one of our GDD memes on Facebook and Twitter.

 5. Party on Global Divestment Day! Saturday 14th February

Get on up and party down, cause on the 14th there’s no better place to be! Divest yourself by moving your money, join one of our bank divestment parties, share your snaps (and our tweets), and spread the word.

Let’s get together and give a big shout to the Big Banks – their party is over!




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