First 1000 sign up as Move Your Money turns heat up on fossil fuel funders

November 24, 2014

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Move Your Money launched Divest! in October – our new campaign that highlights the role of the big 5 UK banks in funding fossil fuel extraction and driving climate change.

We’ve had a fantastic response so far, with The Independent calling the campaign “a major development in the rapidly growing movement to divest from fossil fuels,” and support coming from Greenpeace UK,, and the Green Party, amongst many others.

The campaign’s best success, however, has come from you – with over 1000 people putting their bank on notice in the first two weeks of the campaign. That represents a major success, and demonstrates clearly that demand from the public for divestment is growing.

Our campaign is working. The big banks are rattled, with Lloyd’s and Barclays already moving to assert their environmental credentials. With £14.4 billion and £15.6 billion invested in fossil fuel extraction respectively, it’s an argument that flatters to deceive.

We’re going to keep pushing the big 5 UK banks until they commit to a lasting and credible plan of fossil fuel divestment. And that means keeping up the pressure by amplifying the public voice for fossil fuel divestment, as well as encouraging even more people to put their bank on notice.

It’s your voices that bring the campaign alive, and really demonstrate how strongly people feel about this issue. One person said “I need a bank, but my need for our planet to be habitable sort of outweighs my banking needs by about a trillion to one. In future I must place my money with a bank that does not invest my money in the wanton destruction of our biosphere.” 

Another said “I’ve had my money with you for a few years now, and I stayed with you, not much because I like your services, but because I thought all banks are the same anyways. Now I have a way of discriminating. I will move my money if you don’t take action.”

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We are helping to bring the voices of real people directly to those who make decisions about what to invest your money in. If you don’t want your money being used to fund climate change, here’s your opportunity to say so – and to do something about it.

If you haven’t put your bank on notice yet, now is the time. Lloyds and Barclays are already showing the strain, and the more voices the banks hear calling for divestment, the more they will be forced to listen.

That’s why Move Your Money will be taking to the streets in February 2015, on the Global Divestment Day, to demand an end to big bank financing of fossil fuels. We’ve got a number of fun and exciting actions planned across the country, and need feet on the ground to tell the banks that “enough is enough”.

If you’re motivated by climate change, angry at bank support for fossil fuels, and excited to do something about it then get in touch! We’d love to hear from motivated activists and individuals, and now is the perfect time to get involved. Email to find out more.

Thanks for your support – together we can end big bank financing of the disastrous fossil fuel industry.


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