Abundance Generation

Abundance Generation

With more than £6.7 million invested by nearly 1500 investors, Abundance is the largest ethical crowdfunding platform. With a mission to make it possible for anyone to make great returns by investing ethically, all projects can be invested in with as little as just £5, and all investors get the same rate.

Like all investments, your capital is at risk when investing in projects through Abundance, although the platform has done well to keep its default rate extremely low.

The projects offered to date – including wind turbines and solar farms – are paying cash returns twice yearly with an effective rate of between 6 and 9%, dependent on the project. All investors buy ‘debentures’ in the project, a type of long-term investment that typically has a term of around 20 years (although it is possible to trade these products in early).

Case Study:

Colin, from Wiltshire

It just makes sense to me to not have all my money linked to the stock market and therefore avoiding it’s erratic nature and timing issues. I am also able to identify more closely the specific risks and potential returns and, of course, I can associate with the projects I’ve invested in. The majority of my cash sits in my pension so it’s important it feels secure and provides growth. I get a steady return over 20 years of between 6-9% IRR, it’s tax free and transparent.