Charity Bank

Charity Bank

At some point in our lives we will all benefit from the work of a charity, whether we’re visiting a museum, taking a stroll through a park or looking for care and support at a time of need. Imagine a bank with a mission to help charities and social enterprises thrive.

Welcome to banking for good.

Charity Bank uses its savers’ money to make loans only to charities and social enterprises. It’s a bank with a non-bonus culture and a moral compass, which switches the focus of banking from profit to social impact.

Since 2002  it has agreed to lend more than £250m to charities and social enterprises, making a difference to the lives of more than one million people from across the UK.

In a Charity Bank savings account, your money is a powerful force for good. Charity Bank works to show people exactly where their money goes through social impact data and stories, as well as events which showcase the extraordinary achievements of the organisations it supports.

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Case Study:

Deborah Millward, River Bain Hydro

Although Charity Bank’s debt funding was the final piece of the funding jigsaw, Simon and his colleagues had been working with us for some time to help get the rest of pieces in place. With a local community share scheme, the support of a Yorkshire Dales National Park sustainable development fund, and the Bank’s loan, we can generate electricity for around 45 homes. Charity Bank’s support has been great. Not just the loan itself, but all Simon’s hard work over a considerable period to help bring this project to fruition.