Ethex offers investors the chance to make positive investments simply and securely. Positive investing means putting your money directly into businesses whose mission and impacts you support, and that also offer a financial return.

On our site you can browse, get to know and compare a wide range of positive investments, from community energy to supported housing for people with a learning disability. When you find what’s right for you, it’s simple and secure to invest directly in your chosen business using our site.

You can:

· Browse investments by type to find what’s right for you
· Get to know the businesses behind the investments using our in-depth social and financial profiles;
· Understand and compare the investments using our comprehensive information;
· Invest securely and easily, then pay by bank transfer or cheque.

The Ethex portfolio service allows you to track the performance of your positive investments and the status of your orders online. The service is available for a £30 annual subscription. Customers also get a free ticket to our annual gathering, where you can meet with other positive businesses and investors.

Ethex is a not for profit organisation, meaning that you can be more confident that your money is going where it is needed.

Case Study:

Sam Daws - Oxford

A former aide to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Sam has been a positive investor for over 20 years and considers himself 100% positively invested, with the small exception of a Foreign Office pension over which he has no control.

“It is definitely possible to be 100% positively invested. If you follow FCA recommendations to put a maximum of 10% in higher-risk investments, you can still make sure the other 90% is invested ethically – for example putting money
on deposit with one of the ethical banks, or investing in lower-cost screened funds.”

Sam enjoys devoting time to discovering new investment opportunities and has invested in a wide range of Ethex products, including the Ethical Property Company and PEC Renewables. In his 20 years of investing, he reckons he’s earned an average annual pre-tax return of 6%.

“I strive to have nothing in my portfolio that is not useful or beautiful,” Sam says, with a nod to William Morris.