Trillion Fund

Trillion Fund

Trillion Fund has a specific mission to champion investment in renewable energy projects as a way to combat global warming. In fact, it’s called Trillion Fund because an additional $1 trillion is needed to be invested per year to address climate change, according to the UN.

Like any investment, investing through Trillion Fund carries an element of risk. This includes the risk that you might not get all your original capital back, that estimated returns might not be achieved, or that Government policy changes affect your investment.

To counter this, Trillion offer different kinds of investment into renewable energy projects, including ‘peer to project’ loans, bonds, debentures or shares. As well as this range of investment options, Trillion also offers various types of renewable energies to invest in, including biomass, hydro, solar, wind and mixed energy.

This breadth of choice allows the investor to manage their risk appropriately, whilst achieving some excellent returns on clean and renewable energy projects.

Case Study:

Alexei Levene

is Managing Director of Innovation Experience a clean-tech and design company. He has invested in two community solar energy projects with renewable crowdfunding platform, Trillion Fund. He said:

“I feel that there are lots of things good about the renewable investments, the transparency in doing something positive for the environment and for society is most important and the fact that the investment is so customer-centric.”