Triodos Bank’s mission is to provide finance for organisations with a positive environmental, social or cultural impact. And it has already achieved a lot. The bank has so far financed 376 environmental projects across Europe, generating enough electricity to power 2.8 houses for every Triodos customer. It also supports a range of impactful cultural and social projects. For example, in 2013, 14,720 individuals used facilities offered by care for the elderly projects at 215 care homes – all financed by the bank.

Triodos is also at the forefront of improving the culture of banking. In an industry dominated by men, the percentage of their management team who are women has increased to around 40%. And where high street bank executives earn more money than they could ever need, the ratio between the highest and lowest salary within Triodos is always kept below 10:1, with no executive bonuses paid.

Perhaps most importantly, the bank publishes details of every organisation they lend to and invest in, so you can know exactly what your money is being used to support. Combined with the bank’s low risk profile and excellent year-on-year performances, it’s no wonder that Triodos is considered one of the world’s foremost ethical and sustainable banks.

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Case Study:

Mazard Farm

These things matter a lot to us, as there is no way the world can continue to use up the increasingly limited fossil fuels at the rate it’s doing at present. So all we can do to help, as small as we are, is important.