What a party!

February 19, 2015


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Surveying the scene with bleary eyes and a splitting headache, you can always tell how good a party is by what’s been left in its wake.


And what a party Global Divestment Day was! Thousands look to have closed their bank accounts from fossil fuel funding banks, and to have moved their money into ethical alternatives.

There were also Move Your Money bank protest parties across the country, ranging from a singalong flashmob in Bristol to cake-covered bank party in Norwich, via jungle-soundtracked Oxford Street mayhem in London!


All told, there were seven bank protests involving well over a hundred people taking the divestment message directly to fossil fuel funding banks. There were hundreds of inspirational messages from people throughout the day that came through our social media channels, to add to over 1,600 people who put their bank on notice. Great going guys!

Thank you so much – we couldn’t have done it without your support.

“I’ve set up the big change over with my current account,” Joe from Trowbridge told us, “I’ve had an eye on changing my account for ages.”

“Joining your movement was just the nudge I needed. I’m glad to be adding my name to the folk who are divesting because of your cause, and I’m chuffed I did it.”


We’re chuffed too, Joe. We’re chuffed too.

It’s never too late to take action on climate change, and to help build the alternative to Britain’s broken banking sector. Some supporters like Alison from London, below, told us they had been with their bank for over 30 years, but were moving their money to help prevent climate chaos. “Each one of us should do what we can to move big money away from the fossil fuel industry,” she said.


Global Divestment Day may be over, but our party’s only just beginning! So keep your eyes peeled for more content from the weekend, including an amazing new video we can’t wait to share with you, as well as more actions and bank parties in the future. You can also check out more photos from the weekend here. If you’d like to become a case study for Move Your Money we’d love to hear from you.


Thanks again for making an amazing weekend happen – and for moving your money out of the problem, and into the solution to climate change.



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